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Data Archive now available to 3rd party researchers!

The Data Archive is a catalogue of data and instruments used throughout the Scaling Up SimCalc project. When using the Archive (in FileMaker), researchers can find out what instrumements were developed, what data was collected, and where this data can be found. If you are interested in using Scaling Up SimCalc data, please contact us by phone (1.800.890.9279) or e-mail with your request.

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Key Publications

Roschelle, J., Shechtman, N., Tatar, D., Hegedus, S., Hopkins, B., Empson, S., Knudsen, J. & Gallagher, L. (2010). Integration of technology, curriculum, and professional development for advancing middle school mathematics: Three large-scale studies. American Educational Research Journal, 47(4), 833-878. Download from publisher.

Shechtman, N., Roschelle, J., Haertel, G. & Knudsen, J. (2010). Investigating links from teacher knowledge, to classroom practice, to student learning in the instructional system of the middle-school mathematics classroom. Cognition and Instruction, 28(3), 317-359. Download from publisher.

Roschelle, J., Knudsen, J., & Hegedus, S. (2010). From new technological infrastructures to curricular activity systems: Advanced designs for teaching and learning. In M. J. Jacobson & P. Reimann (Eds.), Designs for Learning Environments of the Future: International Perspectives from the Learning Sciences (pp. 233-262). New York: Springer. Download from publisher.

Tatar, D., Roschelle, J., Knudsen, J., Shechtman, N., Kaput, J., Hopkins, B. (2008). Scaling Up Innovative Technology-Based Math. Journal of the Learning Sciences, 17(2), 248-286. Download from publisher.

Roschelle, J., Tatar, D., Schectman, N. & Knudsen, J. (2008). The role of scaling up research in designing for and evaluating robustness. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 68, 149-170. Download from publisher.

Technical Reports

  • TR 01: Scaling Up SimCalc Project: Can a Technology Enhanced Curriculum Improve Student Learning of Important Mathematics? (May 2007)     view press release | download pdf
  • TR 02: Extending the SimCalc Approach to Grade 8 Mathematics (January 2008)   download pdf
  • TR 03: Recruitment Strategies, Outcomes, and Implications for a Randomized-Controlled Experiment with Teachers (December 2009)   download pdf
  • TR 04: What happens when the research ends? Factors related to the sustainability of a research-based innovation (April 2009)   download pdf
  • TR 05: Design and Development of the Student and Teacher Mathematical Assessments (March 2010)   download pdf
  • TR 06: Designing the Logistics for Large-Scale Randomized Controlled Trials Six Strategies for Implementation at Scale (April 2010)   download pdf
  • TR 07: Design and Development of Curriculum Units and Professional Development (June 2010)   download pdf
  • TR 08: The data outtakes reel: Archive of unreported, unreportable, and irreproducible findings (April 2010)  download pdf
  • TR 09: Middle School Students' Mathematics Learning: An Analysis of a Student Population in Texas (August 2010)  download pdf

Other research publications

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